11 Creepiest Things Ever Caught On Security Camera

A Face At The Door

Between the hours 12:07 a.m. and 4:07 a.m. one Reddit user received four notifications from his smart-home app that his doorbell had detected a visitor. When he checked the doorbell’s camera the first three times, nothing appeared. He figured it must’ve been a stray dog or cat setting off the motion sensor. But with the fourth notification, a face showed up on the screen—and it will give you the creeps.

A Disappearing Bike

“I used to have an apartment pretty close to my office. The office building was kind of off on its own relative to the city’s commercial district. I sold the apartment and before moving into my new home, I left my bicycle chained to the building’s bike rack. It was only going to be there for a few days in that no man’s land before I was able to move into the new place. Anyway, one day in the middle of the week, I come into the office, walk past the bike rack and notice that it’s completely empty. The building has a bunch of security cameras and one more or less is facing the bike rack. I sit and watch the security tape with the IT guy. We’re watching, see everyone leave the office the night before, see the bike, keep watching, then all of a sudden poof, bike gone. We slowed the tape down and it seemed like when you’re watching digital cable or satellite and the image gets garbled. Literally, it was bike there, then poof gone. In the tape’s time stamp it literally happened in one second. I assume my bike got taken to the upside down.” —Reddit user tjs252

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