Lucy From ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ Is All Grown Up And This Is What She Looks Like

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So, it seems like this now 21 year old has been pretty busy. I know, 21 … makes you feel old, right? Besides her acting/writing/directing, she’s also been focusing on philanthropy. She works with SOS Children’s Villages, which works to find homes for orphaned children and homeless mothers. So, Georgie is beautiful and she has a heart of gold.

But, while we’re here, let’s take a quick look what the rest of her Narnia siblings have been up to.

11. Edmund, AKA, Skander Keynes

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Skander Keynes did have some minor acting roles after Narnia, but he mainly chose to focus on academia. He graduated from Cambridge University in 2014 with a degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern History. He then had an internship with the United Nations high Commissioner for Refugees, and researched Syrian refugees in Jordan. Pretty impressive stuff, professor.

12. Susan, AKA, Anna Popplewell

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