Lucy From ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ Is All Grown Up And This Is What She Looks Like

6. Other Films

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After Narnia, when Georgie was 18-years-old she starred in some “darker films.” This is a scene from the 2014 movie Perfect Sisters, where she starred alongside Abigail Breslin and Mira Sorvino. She’s definitely sporting a goth look for this role. It’s also the first movie where Georgie didn’t do a British accent (she had to learn how to do a Canadian one).

7. Her Turn To Play The Witch

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In the same year, Georgie had a lead role in the movie The Sisterhood of Night. The film is based on the Salem witch trials. Georgie’s character, Mary Warren, apparently started her own high school clique, and people started accusing the group of being a cult.

8. Graduated College

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